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FlexHub is a Direct Connect hubsoftware programmed completely in LUA by Daywalker™ and FlipFlop™. Runs on Windows and Linux. wxLua is used to create an advanced, but easy to use graphical user interface, with very detailed monitoring. This is manual for the first release of FlexHub.

This hubsoft is dedicated to the memory of Daywalker, who died way too young in July of 2009.

We started this project together just to see if we were able to create a hubsoft supporting two different protocols, NMDC and ADC. It looks like it's working...

FlexHub Team:

FlipFlop™ - Main developer
Daywalker™ - Main developer (RIP)
en_dator - Main developer
Ladystardust - Main bugtester / Forum admin / Wiki

Blackie - Bugtester (Win and Linux)
exleper - NAS package builder
iLEGALaLIEN - Bugtester (Win)
Light-Angel - Bugtester (Linux)
MØ®®ØW‡ÑЙ - Bugtester (Win)
oldindian - Bugtester (Win)
TraN - Bugtester (Linux)

A big thanks to :

ApexDC++ team
Hungarista/Thor for providing a great example to work from with the Ptokax Remote Admin software
Massi for Italian support
sergius_s for Russian Support
Mutor for helping to track and fix some nasty bugs
And ofcourse everyone else who's helped out with tests, advice, and (constructive!) comments: thank you!


• ADC and NMDC protocol support, users of different protocols can chat and PM
Note: searching and downloading isn't possible between different protocols.

• Remote GUI, the GUI can be used locally or remotely, communication is over TCP
• Deflood system, highly configurable
• Text scanner for Mainchat, PM and Searches
• Unlimited userprofiles
• Advanced trafficmonitor
• Detailed hubstatistics
• Beta aims to support around 1000-1500 users