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1. How to create a first account in my new hub?
First account you make using your console (FlexHub.exe). Choose "Edit master accounts", in new window choose profile level - "Hubowner" account, put your nickname and password - create account by clicking "Save".
Your internal IP is protected (so you can use it to connect with your hub). Choose ports for your hub (forward them in your firewall), put in "Ports" window and click "Update Settings".
Then you should start setting up your hub (use !set commands to do it).

2. How to run few FlexHub instances in the same time?
Copy folder with FlexHub to another folder with different name.
For each hub choose different ports (that are not used by any other application and has been previously forwarded), put them in appropriate box in hub console (FlexHub.exe).

3. Where to report a bug?
Bug tracker for FlexHub project is hosted @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub

4. Where I can find a list of requested and planned features?
Planned features for each release and all announcements can be found in FlexHub forum @ http://www.flexhub.org/forum/index.php?board=3.0
You can request features yourself on forum in "Feature request" section. Wishlist is also available on launchpad @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub

5. How do I make my hub spam-proof?
Under !sethelp command you can find commands that will allow you to add phrases/words forbidden for main chat or pm.
Type in hub window: !addpattern -h to see detailed help. You are allowed to add forbidden: text (main chat and PM), report (!report), search (searches and search replies), nick, description, email, tag, share size. Download manual for further help and use examples from http://www.flexhub.org/forum/index.php?topic=179.0 Some patterns has been added to the hub by default.

6. How can I change MOTD, Rules (+rules) and FAQ (+faq) in my hub?
Under !sethelp command you can find commands that will allow you to add texts that can be spammed by your hub.
Type in hub window: !addcmd -h to see detailed help how to add a trigger. Some commands has been added to the hub by default.
MOTD and +rules already exist in your hub, to modify it you can use !modcmd command. First to list all already created commands type !showcmd. If it is MOTD that you want to change type: !showcmd welcome to check details of your MOTD. Use !modcmd <name> [-p<profilelevel>] [-o<options>] [-h"<helptext>"] ["<text>"] to modify your textcommand. So to change content of your MOTD type !modcmd welcome "new_new_motd_goes_here". For more examples check: http://www.flexhub.org/forum/index.php?topic=109.0 Variables that can be used in your hub are listed here: http://flexhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=Variables

7. How to change privilages for profiles?
To list all profiles in your hub type !showprofiles. To check exactly which commands and are assigned to each profile and which hub rules profile can override type for example !showprofile Operator (to check Operator's privileges).
Type !showprofile -h and !showprofile -h to display help to !allow and !override command that are ussed to manage all settings that can be changed for each profile.
With !allow command you can add/remove commands available for each profile, with !override commmand you can allow/disallow a profile to override hub settings/rules.
You can also check !modprofile -h if you want to make advanced profile changes. For more tips check http://www.flexhub.org/forum/index.php?topic=106.0

8. Is it possible to convert file with accounts from other hubsofts?
At the moment, it is possible to import YnHub accounts and unencrypted Ptokax accounts. To do this, click the Import Accounts button in the console toolbar and follow the instructions. You can read more about this in Readme.txt, included in your FlexHub install.

9. How can I make "reg only" hub?
Type !set Rules in your hub window. There you can find a setting !set regonly. So to set up a hub only for users who are registered type:
!set regonly true

10. Why some users can't download from each other?
FlexHub is using two protocols at the moment: NMDC and ADC. Downloading between protocols is impossible. Users with different protocols can chat and send PM but can't search or download from each other. To connect to NMDC part use hub address that starts with dchub:// to connect to ADC part use adc://
To check how many users in your hub is using each protocol type !stats To check which protocol one particular user is using type !userinfo <nick> and check "Protocol" section. If you want to disable one of protocols, use:
!set allownmdc false - to disable NMDC part of the hub
!set allowadc false - to disable ADC part of the hub

11. I run a private hub and I don't want people from who are not in my hub to download from our users
You can prevent that by disabling DHT with command:
!set allowdht false

12. How do I add a hublist?
You can add seperetely ADC and NMDC hublists by adding hublist's regserver. All needed commands you will find in "Hublist Commands" section under !sethelp command. You can use !addhublist <protocol> <server address>:<port> eg. !addhublist <NMDC> <dchublistserveraddress>:<2701>

13. How to create a "welcome message"?
You use a command !addcmd with "option" -o44 to create a welcome message for users/operators.
Example: !addcmd welcome -p-1 -o44 "Welcome to FlexHub"
If you want change settings about pinger being announced in main chat type !set Hublists and you will see settings related to pingers.
Text of the pinger welcome message you can set up with !set pinger_message command. To decide if information goes to feed only type: !set pinger_target feed

14. How do I update my hub with !update command?
Command can be found in sethelp:
!update <now> Update FlexHub, use !update to check if an update is avaliable and !update now to download and install updates

FlexHub allows you to update the software inline, many times without even restarting the hubsoft itself.
It works like this;

with the !update command the hub downloads a small file from our server that contain version information, that information is compared to the information in your hub. If the information doesnt match it gets a slightly larger file with checksums of all the files in the package. The hub will then compare the checksums of all the files in your installation and it will show you which needs to be updated.

It will also tell you if you need to restart after the update or is its enough to reload scripts (with !rs).
!Note that the update process does NOT restart the hub or reload scripts, this is something you as a HubOwner must do yourself.

When you want to do the update you run the command !update now and it will download all the needed files and install then in their correct paths after first making a backup copy of all files that are going to be replaced.

The backup is placed in a subfolder to the hub called backups, there will be one sub folder for each time the update is replacing files so if you want to restore a file after the update you should look in the newest folder.

The process should be quite safe but if something does go wrong the hub will give you information about what to do.
If something goes really wrong with the update try the following steps yourself before you ask for our help:

1) First make sure that you do not have any of the current files open in another application or that they are locked in any other way.
2) Make sure that they are not write protected and that the user running the hub has write access to them.
3) Move all the files in the 'backups/YYYY-MM-DD' back to their original positions.
4) Re-run the update command.
If this does not help please do step 1-3 again before restarting your hub and inform the FlexHub devs about this error.

15. Why is my GUI not working?
Beta release of GUI is view only. So no changes can be made, you can only see mainchat and debug messages in "Monitor" section.

16. How to enable downloading?
Use '!set chatonly false' command'.

17. How do I change my hub address in Flexhub?
To change settings in your hub type !set - it will list all the setting commands that can be done in your hub. Under !set main command you will find general hub settings, and to change your hub address try !set hub_address <hubaddy:port>

18. How do I change content of !hubinfo?
You can set up end message of that !hubinfo command displays:
!set hub_info <text> Extra information that will display at the end of !hubinfo or for %[hubinfo]
In !hubinfo you can also place a value of %[user_reginfo] and %[user_downloadinfo]
To change %[user_reginfo] use:
!set reg_info <text> Extra information that will display for %[user_reginfo]
%[user_downloadinfo] will display downloading info that comes from hub settings, also if downloading is disabled.

19. How to use "quote system"?
FlexHub now has a quote-system for easy storage and display of funny or interesting quotes.

!quote Display a quote in mainchat for everyone
!addquote <text> Add a quote
!delquote <number> Delete quote number
!showquotes <text> Show a numbered list of all quotes

Quotes can be used in !addcmd texts as well by using %[quote]
With that you can now make timed messages containing random quotes, or add a random quote to a welcome message.
A simple example:  !addcmd showquote -o2 -t1h "%[quote]" This will show a random quote in mainchat every 1h. Note that since these are new commands, profiles lower than Hubowner will have to be manually allowed to use this command, you can do this with: !allow <profilename> <commandname>. So to allow a User to use !quote, use: !allow User quote.

20. Using FlexHub as an array
There's a new setting in FlexHub to choose the way FlexHub will redirect users: !set rd_mode
There are 3 modes for rd_mode:
normal Normal hub operation with rulebased redirects (only addresses specified in !set Redirects will be used, with the rules set in !set Rules)
single redirects everyone to main redirect address
array after processing rules it uses a list of hubs as array
Profiles with override on "redirect" won't be redirected (!override <profilename> redirect true)

Normal and Array mode: in normal mode only the rules are used, in array mode first the rules will be checked, the rest of the users will be redirected using the redirectlist (list you can check with !showredirects command)

Rulebased redirect addresses can be changed in !set Redirects:
We can also specify other addresses that hub will use after checking the rules, these are only used when rd_mode is set to array. User is checked with hub rules FIRST (those you specified above in !set settings - addresses showed in "Redirect rules" will be used) if user won't be redirected on those - will be redirected on additional addresses that you can add with !addredirect command (addresses showed in "Redirect list").

!addredirect <hubaddress:port> Add a hubaddress to the redirect list
!delredirect <hubaddress:port> Remove a hubaddress to the redirect list
!showredirects Show redirects