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FlexHub is a Direct Connect hubsoftware programmed completely in LUA by Daywalker™ and FlipFlop™. Runs on Windows and Linux. wxLua is used to create an advanced, but easy to use graphical user interface, with very detailed monitoring. This is manual for the first release of FlexHub.


• ADC and NMDC protocol support, users of different protocols can chat and PM
Note: searching and downloading isn't possible between different protocols.

• Remote GUI, the GUI can be used locally or remotely, communication is over TCP
• Deflood system, highly configurable
• Text scanner for Mainchat, PM and Searches
• Unlimited userprofiles
• Advanced trafficmonitor
• Mainchat and PM integrated in GUI, chat from the GUI
• Detailed hubstatistics
• Beta aims to support around 500-1000 users