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These are variables available for use in FlexHub.
They can be used with !addcmd and !modcmd in MOTD, rules and other textcommands.

Hub variables

Variable Meaning
%[address] Main hub address
%[address_adc] ADC hub address
%[address_adcs] ADCS hub address
%[address_nmdc] NMDC hub address
%[address_nmdcs] NMDCS hub address
%[bot] Hub bot name
%[datareceived] Amount of received data
%[datasent] Amount of sent data
%[date] Hub local date
%[desc] Hub description
%[email] Hub owner's email
%[history] Main chat/room history
%[hub] Hub name
%[hubinfo] This is a short message set with command !set hub_info, and can contain variables itself
%[lang] Language of hubsoft
%[mem] Current memory usage
%[mempeak] Memory usage peak
%[minshare] Hub minimum share
%[minslots] Hub minimum slots
%[minsharedownload] Min share to use hub
%[netowork] Hub's network
%[opchat] Opchat name
%[owner] Hub owner
%[parm] Target in text command
%[platform] Host's platform (Windows or Linux)
%[quote] Quote added with !addquote command
%[speedreceived] Speed received
%[speedreceivedpeak] Speed received peak
%[speedsent] Speed sent
%[speedsentpeak] Speed sent peak
%[svn] Hub svn number
%[time] Hub local time
%[topic] Hub topic
%[totalshare] Hub total share
%[uptime] Hub uptime
%[user_comment] Show user's comment from !reginfo
%[user_countrycode] User's country code
%[user_desc] User's description
%[user_downloadinfo] A short message displaying whether searching and downloading is enabled or not in the hub.
(Like this "Downloading and searching is enabled, max. 3 searches in 50 seconds.")
%[user_email] User's email
%[user_hubport] Port user is using to connect to the hub
%[user_ip] User's IP
%[user_iprofile] Integer showing profile level
%[user_isactive] Shows Active or Passive
%[user_isop] Shows Operator or empty string
%[user_login] Login time
%[user_name] User's nickname
%[user_normalhubs] Number of unregged hubs in users tag
%[user_ophubs] Number of hubs registered with key in users tag
%[user_port] Port user is using for active connections
%[user_profile] Profile of user
%[user_profilemessage] Welcome message for a profile
%[user_protocol] Protocol used by user
%[user_reginfo] This is a short message set with command !set reg_info, and can contain variables itself
%[user_reghubs] Number of registered hubs in users tag
%[user_share] User's share
%[user_slots] User's opened slots
%[user_speed] On ADC shows the reported (by client) speed, on NMDC shows limiter value
%[user_sprofile] Label of users profile
%[user_tag] User's tag
%[user_totalhubs] Total number of hubs in users tag
%[usercount] Hub user count
%[userpeak] Highest user count since hub start
%[usersnmdc] Hub NMDC user count
%[usersadc] Hub ADC user count
%[version] Hub version
%[webside] Hub webside
%[webstats] Hub webstatistics